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Overt Body Armour

ANA Body Armour

ANA is an upper body sleeveless unit with side opening designed to offer the wearer protection against specified ballistic threats. Particularly suited for general military and Law Enforcement use where high performance, full coverage armour is required. ANA uses the military designed Molle system to attach modular pouches. Secure pouches fastened with Molle straps will not come loose or shift on the armour's outer cover. The ANA style tactical vest can take punishment of constant wear and tear resulting from tactical operations. Plate pockets able to accommodate the standard 10" x 12" hard armour plates.

 Tactical ANA Body Armour  Tactical ANA vest with Hard Armour Upgrade Plate
Tactical ANA Body ArmourANA with 1.4kg Level III
Hard Armour Ballistic Plate

Vests are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes - other sizes available on request. Most vest models are available in ballistic, anti-stab or dual purpose variants. Please enquire for your exact requirements, and refer to the Ballistic Standards page for specific data.

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