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Law Enforcement / Police
Body Armour

Armourshield are able to supply a variety of bullet proof vests for covert, patrol and tactical operations. These ballistic protective vests include:

DCV Body Armour

Designed with VIP protection in mind, this discrete and lightweight covert bullet proof vest, is equally suitable for police plain clothes operations and close protection duties. The vest is fully adjustable at the shoulders and sides by the use of hook and loop fasteners. Available in soft armour level II and IIIA and can be upgraded to level III and IV.

DVC covert bullet proof vest DVC covert bullet proof vest - Rear view
DCV Body ArmourDCV - Rear

SCO Body Armour

Armourshield's biggest selling body armour with well over 100,000 units currently in operational use.

This cost effective vest provides overlapping protection at the side of the body. Protection extends to below the collar bone at the front and the middle of the shoulder blades at the rear. The carrier offers six - point adjustable fastening to ensure a close and comfortable fit. This model also features ballistic plate pockets at the front and back. There is an option for fixed or removable badges. Options for additional features are available.

SCO Body Armour SCO Body Armour with Ballistic Armour Plate
SCO for Police/Law
Enforcement Duties
SCO Body Armout with
Ballistic Armour Plate insert

PATROL Body Armour

A front opening bullet proof vest, a type much favoured by Police Forces in the UK. The unit is fully adjustable at the sides / shoulders and is designed as far as possible to avoid riding up when the wearer is seated in a vehicle. For added safety, the front protective panel forms a single piece across the front of the body armour. It is not split or overlapped at the zip area, which could cause an area of weakness. If specified the design is adaptable for the incorporation of hard armour ballistic plate pockets.

Law Enforcement Body Armour
Law Enforcement Patrol
Body Armour

PBA - Police Body Armour

A more robust unit for tactical situations. This body armour incorporates a larger area of protection than the patrol, which can be further enhanced by the inclusion of shoulder, neck / throat, and groin protection as required. Ballistic plate pockets as standard.

PBA - Police Body Armour
Police Body Armour
Police Body Armour VarientPolice Body Armour with groin and throat guard
PBA VariantPBA Variant - Armour with
throat and groin guard

CHVA Body Armour

The CHVA (Concealed High Velocity Vest) is a compact design for covert or overt wear. It is designed to accommodate ballistic armour plates, for protection against high velocity rife fire, which can be used in either overt or covert modes. If required the vest can also be supplied with alternative outer covers to suit the mission in hand.

CHVA Body ArmourSCC Bullet Proof Vest
CHVA Body ArmourSCC Body Armour

Cost effective for large quantities of certified body armour coupled with high velocity plates to AP level, the (overt) and SCC (covert) vests are economically priced units, where cost is a major consideration. Notwithstanding the modest price, ballistic properties are not compromised and performance in on a par with the rest of the Armourshield range.

Negotiator Body ArmourFemale Police SBA varients
Negotiator Body ArmourSBA Variant

Bullet proof vests are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes - other sizes available on request. Most bullet proof vest models are available in ballistic, anti-stab or dual purpose variants. Please enquire for your requirements, and refer to the Ballistic Standards page for specific data.

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