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In House Testing

Ballistic Testing Range
Ballistic Testing Range

For over 20 years Armourshield has been one of a few body armour systems companies authorised in the UK to house its own ballistic testing range on site, thus allowing us to conduct independent research, product development and testing. This ensures that our research and development personnel design body armour systems which meet the toughest ballistic standards and allows us to sample test the products we manufacture. In 2004 a new highly improved range was constructed in Armourshields new premises allowing testing from both 5 metres (handgun testing) and 15 metres (rifle testing).

A sophisticated chronograph system measures bullet velocities and reports directly to a computer database of test results. The range is capable of testing to all current body armour standards, including HOSDB, NIJ and German SK.

Knife & Stab Testing Rig
 Knife/Stab Testing Rig

The In-House testing laboratory is used for the following:

  • Quality control checks on materials and systems
  • Manufacturers Quality Testing (MQT)
  • Testing of in-service armour
  • Evaluation of new materials
  • Development of new and improved armour packages
  • Customer demonstrations
  • Unique usage of real weapons

In 2009 we also installed a knife and spike testing rig. This rig is capable of the full range of stab and spike tests HOSDB / NIJ standards. As with the ballistic testing facility, all projectiles velocities are electronically recorded to ensure accuracy.

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