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Body Armour

With over 30 years experience Armourshield is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of quality body armour and armour accessories.

Bullet Proof Vests

blunt trauma shield

Armourshield manufactures a range of bullet proof vests to cover a variety of operational requirements. Each model is carefully designed to perform efficiently whilst keeping it flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Armourshield are able to supply a variety of vests for covert and overt operational uses.

  • Military Body Armour: Armourshield's range of military body armour spans a wide range of operational requirements. From high performance covert armour to fragmentation resistant flak jackets, each system is carefully designed to preform its function as effeciently as possible with particular attention to ever present cost constraints.

  • Law Enforcement / Police Body Armour: Armourshield has been one of the largest suppliers of body armour to police forces and other law enforcement agencies worldwide. Body armour in covert and overt form is available in differnet styles to meet many threat levels. Upgrade ballistic plates give protection from high velocity rifle attack. There is also a range of ballistic shields, bags and blankets that offer various protection levels, depending on the application.

  • Special Forces Body Armour: Special Forces demand specialised armour systems. As suppliers of combat tested equipment to many of the world's most elite Special Forces teams, Armourshield are renowned as experts in the field of high performance body armour.

  • Humanitarian Aid: Armourshield manufactures apron style body armour offering protection to the front, side and groin areas from specified fragmentation threats. The aprons are designed to be worn by mine clearance teams in danger of injury from unexploded mines, grenades and other fragmenting ordnances.

Bullet proof vests are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes other sizes available on request. Most body armour models are available in ballistic, anti-stab or dual purpose variants. Please enquire for your exact requirements, and refer to the Ballistic Standards page for specific data.

Blunt Trauma Shield (BTS)

blunt trauma shield

When a bullet is defeated by body armour a high level of energy is transmitted through the vest. The effect of this energy on the human body is known as blunt trauma. In many cases, blunt trauma can cause serious injury or even prove fatal.

For many years, Armourshield have included a patented system of trauma reduction in all their body armour products. The Armourshield BTS (Blunt Trauma Shield) protects the wearer from the effects of blunt tramua by absorbing energy and distributing forces over a much larger area. The BTS allows Armourshield body armour to meet the requirements of national ballistic test standards whilst retaining a high degree of flexibility.

The patent protection applied to the BTS means no other company may exploit the unique advantages offered by Armourshield body armour.

Find out more about Armourshields unique blunt tramua shield.

Ceramic / Composite Armour Upgrade Plates

Ballistic Plates

Whilst soft, flexible body armour can defeat most handgun and sub-machine gun threats, the stopping of high velocity rifle rounds demands a hard plate. The traditional steel plates have been superceded by combinations of ceramics and composite materials. Armourshield have been producing high specification ceramic / composite ballistic plates for many years.

The range of Armourshields plates is large enough to cater for most operational requirements. A wide variety of sizes are available with all plates offering fully contoured shaping for a comfortable fit. Most Armourshield plates have seen active military service throughtout the world.

Each design of plate comprises a monolithic ceramic strike face backed by either a glass fibre or aramid composite. All Armourshield plates defeat high velocity Ball, Armour Piercing and Armour Piercing Incendiary bullets at 5 metre range.

Find out more about Armourshields range of Ballistic Armour Plates.

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