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Ballistic Shields

for protection against handgun, submachine gun and shotgun

For many years Armourshield has produced the BPS series shields to NIJ Level IIIA standards. These are in widespread use both in the UK and Overseas. They are available for those situations where protection against high velocity rifle fire is not required.

BPS/A 625mm x 500mm
BPS/B 1250mm x 500mm
BPS/B (VP)1250mm x 500mm (incorporating view port with NIJ IIIA rating).

The handle system comprises a large grab handle, shaped/cushioned forearm rest and flexible spring retaining loops.

 BPS/A Ballistic Shield  BPS/B - Ballistic Shield Rear View
BPS/A ShieldRear view of BPS/B

for protection against rifle and armour piercing rounds

More recently a NIJ Level III shield, HVS type, has been developed for Special Forces use. This has evolved into a number of sizes, each suiting a specific scenario. These shields have a side clamp handles to avoid any degradation on the face of the ballistic panel caused by the drilling of handle attachment holes.

HVS/400/775 400mm x 775mm
HVS/400/1550 400mm x 1550mm
HVS/500/600 500mm x 600mm
HVS/500/1000 500mm x 1000mm

The handle comprises a bar or three point "T" shaped unit so positioned to allow the shield to rest against the forearm. A large foam pad covers the area where the forearm rests.

 High Velocity Ballistic Shield mockHVS Ballistic Shield
HVS 500/1000Mock up of HVS
400/1550 shield
showing "T" handle

All shields are protected by a tough ABS cover with additional protection on the lower edge and corners. All shields will provide more than adequate protection from a range of non-ballistic threats including bricks, stones baseball bats etc.

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